Testing Machines for



Cod.01027 Example of production test stand for tractor drivelines.
Bimal has designed and built more than 60 Test stand to test complete tractor drivelines.
Tests are executed according to customers testing procedures fixing the parameters which have to be investigated as well as the acceptance range. These machines can be simple or complex depending on customers requirements.
All the units are equipped and driven by PC and acquisition system with a Bimal software to write and set up parameters, record, print out results and to manage the machine.
If requested, it is possible to perform NVH Analysis and Can Bus communication with ECU and TCU management.

Below it is reported a list of the main test performed from our machines:
- Flushing
- Running-in of gearbox
- Functionality of gearbox
- Manual
- Hi/Lo
- Power Shuttle
- Power Shift
- Functionality of differential locking system
- Functionality of 4 wheel drive system
- Functionality of hydraulic lift
- Functionality of rear PTO
- Functionality of auxiliary rear valves
- Leakages of all solenoid valves
- Slipping of the clutches
- Linearity of all proportional valves (graphic test)
- Check of lubrication in all operating condition
- Check of power loss in all operating condition
- Check of all electric and electronic devices
- Check of all hydraulic valves settings
- External leakage control Request Info