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Cod.TBV The TBV test stand is an end of production line testing machine, designed to test valves and solenoid valves, suitable also to test small hydraulic manifold blocks.
The hydraulic system allows to configure various kind of tests, in accordance to customer needs and the type of valve under test.
As an example, some of tests performable by the machine are:
- Flushing
- Verification of the valve operation
- Response time
- Leakages by pressure decay
- Leakages by direct measure
- Commutation with/without back pressure
- Setup of relief valve and setup verification
- Differential pressure (Delta P)
- Graph Pressure – Time

The test stand is equipped with two hydraulic supply lines which can be used either separately, to test piloted valves (e.g. piloted check valves, balancing valves, etc) or in parallel with combined flow rates, to test valves which do not require piloting, but a higher flow. Request Info