HYDRAULICS - Steering units

Testing Machines for



Cod.00571 Fully automatic test stand to perform end of production line testing hydraulic steering control units.
Its purpose is to check if the samples are matching the technical performances established on the acceptance criteria.
The machine is composed by a carousel which drives the samples through the various test stations.
The machine is able to automatically read the barcode of the unit and to choose from the database the related preset testing procedure.
At the end of the successful testing, each samples is printed through a micro-points marker, positioned in the final station.

The machine performs the following tests and setups:
- Relief valve setup
- Anti-shock valves setup
- Pressure drop
- Dynamic input and symmetry
- Slippage
- Come back to neutral position
- Emergency steering
- Test the P-T check valve
- Air emptying of the steering unit after test
- Free rolling torque measurement
- Internal leakage
- Reaction check
- EL check test
- Check valve test
- Displacement check Request Info