HYDRAULICS - Quick couplings

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Cod.BPS40DW BPS40DW is a Test Stand for burst test or pressurize test of flexible hoses, pipes, fitting, quick couplings, valves, etc.
The Test Stand uses water, it is not possible to use water glycol.
The machine with its optional, is able to run:
- Burst and/or pressurize tests;
- Variation in length test (ISO1402)
- Proof test
This unit uses a special hydraulic circuit with which it can create a test cycle composed by stationary phases and pressure ramps with controlled pressure gradient according with the following Norms: SAEJ343 - DIN20024 - ISO18869 - ISO1402.

- Low pressure Test: from 20 (290) up to 300 (4,351) bar (psi)
- High pressure Test: from 80 (1,160) up to 4.000 (58,015) bar (psi) Request Info