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Cod.BPF08 BPF08 is a test stand designed for the cleaning and static test of flexible hoses.
The machine allows to test up to 4 hoses at the same time, with a semi-automatic cycle. The connection system is made by screwing the hoses on two manifolds by using, nearly always, standard connections. One manifold can rotate and translate, the second is fixed and the connections are 3/4” (BSPP).
 The cycle of test stand allows:
  • Connection of the hose;
  • Control of screw type and size;
  • Filling and washing with high flow;
  • Proof test;
  • Emptying of the hose with compressed air.
The test cycle is completely settable via PC. The test stand can work with hydraulic oil or also special low viscosity fluids (e.g. Fluss 5) as Bimal recommends. Request Info